Top Whisky Blog Awards

Author: Connosr Date: 17th Mar 2010 Published in: Features

We asked the Connosr community to tell us about their favourite blogs. Here are the results of our inaugural Top Whisky Blog Awards.

Connosr Top Whisky Blog Awards

There are many whisky blogs out there, but which are the cream of the crop? In no particular order here are the whisky blogging A-listers.

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Drum roll....

Cask Strength

A thoroughly entertaining pair who really know their whisky, Neil and Joel have just celebrated their second year running the excellent Cask Strength. Essential reading for any whisky fan.

Whisky Fun

Malt Maniac, Serge Valentin, reminds us all that we shouldn't take whisky (or life) too seriously. This vast collection of tasting notes is peppered with musical tidbits and cultural observations. Go read.


Consistently outstanding, Ruben at WhiskyNotes is on a one man whisky tasting mission and has built up an impressive body of reviews and personal impressions. Highly recommended reading.

Whisky for Everyone

A very well balanced and regularly updated blog with a real depth of content. This is a superb resource for everyone from whisky beginners to seasoned connoisseurs.

Dr Whisky

Practicing since 2006, Dr Whisky is the blog of UK-based Canadian national Sam Simmons. The design won't set your world alight but it's all about the content here! Great stuff.

What Does John Know

US based John Hansell, publisher and editor of Malt Advocate magazine also runs an excellent blog. Very insightful with a dedicated following of equally well informed readers. Top marks.


The leading english language resource for Japanese whisky - that really sums it up. Combines interesting features and imagery with a clear and informative writing style.

TWE Blog

Tim Forbes from The Whisky Exchange brings you a wealth of whisky blogging goodness with everything from industry news, competitions and bit from behind the scenes at the internets' biggest whisky retailer.

Whisky Grotto

Running since 2005, Johan Ronnestam combines beautiful typography with a very well structured blog. Whisky Grotto leans towards the branding and product marketing side of things.

Whisky Israel

Gal Granov's insatiable passion for all things whisky and web are realised in this well presented blog. Lots to delve into including tasting notes, polls or just he odd 'Quick Dram'.

Edinburgh Whisky Blog

Chris and Lucas bring you a nice balance of whisky reviews and distillery interviews. The intimate 'in your own front room' style makes this one of the most popular whisky blogs around.

Master of Malt

The chaps at MoM recently launched their blog and have hit the ground running. Features nicely written tasting notes and interesting news on the latest releases. One to watch.

The Scotch Blog

Pioneering whisky blogger Kevin Erskine has been bringing us top notch whisky commentary since 2005. Still up there with the very best and well worth a read.

Whiskey Apostle

An unrelenting collective of whiskey bloggers 'proselytizing the way of the malt'. Don't let the simple blog template put you off.

The Master Blender

Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender, Richard Paterson, is prolific on the social media scene and its well worth dropping by his blog to see what he's up to.

Whisky Party

A nice blog packed with malty goodness. Mike, Mike & Dan provide essential round-ups from the whisky blogosphere as well as their own thoughts. Look out for their '40 Whiskies Under $40' feature.

Whisky Host

Whisky blogging pair, Jason and Joe serve-up a bit of everything from whisky news, reviews, pairings and quirky articles. Jason now runs Guid Scotch Drink.

If you are one of the blogs listed above and you'd like to tell people about it, we've created a couple of shiny badges which you can display somewhere on your site.


Anonymous wrote:

This is a useful reading list

17 March 2010 12:57

LeFrog wrote:

Excellent idea. Nice to have these resources in one place, some great stuff here.

17 March 2010 16:32
Tim F

Tim F wrote:

Very kind - I'm honoured! Thanks for reading, hope to keep you entertained and informed.

17 March 2010 17:06

WhiskyNotes wrote:

Thanks. I've just placed a link to Connosr on my website as well.

17 March 2010 20:36

jdcook wrote:

Good to see @WhiskyNotes on there!

17 March 2010 22:29

PeatAndMeat wrote:

Great whisky cork graphic BTW

18 March 2010 10:31

benellefsen wrote:

Yeay! Check us out - thank you guys... Tell you what though, if there was an award for sexiest graphics on a blog it would go to you chaps. Nice one.

18 March 2010 13:50

GuidScotchDrink wrote:

This is great news! Sincere thanks to those who voted for us. It's an honor to have regular readers as well as being named among these other great blogs.

Slainte! Jason @WHISKYhost

18 March 2010 16:42

Anonymous wrote:

Thanks so much! We at Whisky Party are honored to be part of such a great group.

Thanks for reading. Slainte.

(Mike @ Whisky Party)

18 March 2010 19:10

ScotchHobbyist wrote:

Congrats to those on the list! I agree this is a great set of blogs, and I've been a regular reader of every one of them except for one. Now I can add that one (Whisky Grotto) to my list, as it looks excellent as well!

And I agree about the award graphic...incredible looking! You do fantastic work with the graphics here.

Cheers, Jeff

22 March 2010 19:58

Connosr wrote:

We've just added another badge ( - if you are one of the blogs mentioned about and would like to tell people.

23 March 2010 17:12
Tim F

Tim F wrote:

Link not working for me :(

25 March 2010 17:08

WhiskyNotes wrote:

You have to leave out the ) in the end.

25 March 2010 18:45

markjedi1 wrote:

The new badges look very nice indeed! And the list above is truly magnificent.

25 March 2010 20:13

Anonymous wrote:

What a great list of whisky bloggers! All honors are well deserved!

05 April 2010 18:01

DrinkSpirits wrote:

Hope we can be in contention for next year :)

Hope to cover more whisky at

06 April 2010 03:23

Anonymous wrote:

me too :-)

14 April 2010 14:32

Anonymous wrote:

You might want to look at "Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews" for a unvarnished review of various drams. I find his reviews are bang on though a little rude at times.


06 May 2010 20:04

WhiskyTimes wrote:

Great list of blogs there. I am under no illusion that my site WhiskyTimes should be included in such highly esteemed company, however I would like to mention my site seeing as we are always growing and I tend to think the more the merrier!

02 October 2012 16:17

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