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    Gold wrote: "Good article indeed. And "Whisky of the Year" 2014 was also Japanese. The attention…"

  • OlJas

    OlJas wrote: "Right, but my point is that Compass Box complied with the SWA. No inner staves. …"

  • Nozinan

    Nozinan wrote: "I think they did something with the tops and bottoms of of the barrels."

  • OlJas

    OlJas wrote: "A fine article, but I don't see how the later version of Spice Tree put one over on…"

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    KDutchman wrote: "KDutchman wrote: Didn't realize you swirl whisky to nose. Feel you may burn the …"

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    Yves1955 wrote: "Great article, I guess I'm lucky to own a St-Magdalene 26 years old. Cask # 2219,…"

  • A'bunadhman

    A'bunadhman wrote: "Well done Piero! On the strength of your review I bought 2 V&B Highland (100mm.) …"