A whisky fan for a few years now, I always keep a bunch around now.... D&M club member...

Location: san francisco

Favourite whisky(s): Old Potrero, Caol Ila, Mortlach, Tuthilltown Manhattan Rye


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    • Mortlach 13 yr Limited Edition Cask Strength 1997 - Smooth end to end, almost

      By chrisbator on 19th Sep 20142014-09-19T05:32:00


      There is butter, sweetness and toffee in the nose right from the start. The first hit on my palette is smooth. Almost sweet, but balanced. The finish is not as smooth, which is welcomed as it rounds out… read more

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    • Bunnahabhain Duncan Taylor NC2 12yr bottled in 2010 - Bunnahabhain spicy smoke

      By chrisbator on 15th Mar 20132013-03-15T03:44:00


      I really like this, and I have found it pretty consistent from start to finish. It starts full bodied and creamy, with wisps of smoke mingling throughout. There is a satisfying bite and charcoal in the… read more

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    • Talisker Distiller's Edition 2008 - some tar on a rocky shore

      By chrisbator on 10th Feb 20132013-02-10T04:25:00


      Distilled in 1996, Bottled in 2008. Light and golden in color, this drinks stronger than it looks and sounds. It brings to mind a rocky shore with little in the way of comfort. But sometimes that's what… read more

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    • Glendronach 12 Year old Original - GlenDronach Original 12 sweet and..

      By chrisbator on 13th Sep 20112011-09-13T02:48:00


      I really like this as a day to day dram. Rich deep in color and able to stand up to a few drops of water if that's how you feel. I usually don't add any as this is pretty sweeth to begin with, reasonably… read more

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