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  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bottled for Park Avenue Liquor Shop - A Single Barrel That Sits Apart

    By dbk on 9th Apr 20122012-04-09T02:24:00


    For one of the larger distilleries in the United States, Four Roses maintains something of a “craft” mentality. While the buildings on the distillery’s property resemble a Spanish mission more than a … read more

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  • Four Roses - A Blend of Ten

    By dbk on 9th Apr 20122012-04-09T02:15:00


    The Yellow Label bottling is the entry-level bourbon under the Four Roses name. It is far and away considered the ugly duckling of the Four Roses line, but I think this attribution is unfair. The Yellow… read more

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  • Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998 - The Years In Between

    By dbk on 6th Mar 20122012-03-06T02:45:00


    Evan Williams is one of Heaven Hill’s many whiskey brands. It shares the same mash bill—with rye constituting the “small” grain—as Elijah Craig, JTS Brown, and Henry McKenna, to name a few. As with other… read more

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  • Maker's Mark 46 - Maker's 2.0

    By dbk on 8th Jan 20122012-01-08T04:52:00


    In a previous review (http://www.connosr.com/reviews/makers-mark/makers-mark/the-original-premium-bourbon/), I gave some background on Maker’s Mark, the most well known wheated bourbon on the market. The… read more

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  • Maker's Mark - The Original "Premium" Bourbon

    By dbk on 8th Jan 20122012-01-08T04:45:00


    Maker’s Mark is a “wheated” bourbon, meaning that the “small” grain in the mash is wheat (rather than the more conventional rye). Though Maker’s Mark was not the first wheated bourbon on the market—the… read more

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