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  • W.L. Weller 7 Year old - Enter the Wheater

    By dbk on 2nd Jan 20122012-01-02T23:00:00


    The Weller line of bourbons is produced by the Buffalo Trace Distillery of Frankfort, Kentucky. The Wellers are “wheated” bourbons, meaning that the “small” grain in the mash bill is wheat rather than the… read more

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  • Redbreast 12 Year old - A Pure Pot Gem

    By dbk on 1st Jan 20122012-01-01T22:17:00


    Unlike malt whiskey, ‘pure pot still’ whiskey is distilled from a mash containing both malted and unmalted barley. Pure pot still whiskey came about as a method of reducing the taxable portion of whiskey… read more

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  • Balblair 1997 - The Luxury Sweet

    By dbk on 28th Dec 20112011-12-28T02:25:00


    As is the story of so many Scotch whisky distilleries, ownership of the Balblair distillery has changed hands numerous times over the course of its existence. Founded in 1790, Inver House bought Balblair… read more

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  • Living Cask Batch No. 1 - A Stately Winter Warmer

    By dbk on 28th Dec 20112011-12-28T01:39:00


    The Good Spirits Co. is a wonderful little shop in Glasgow, specialising primarily in—you guessed it—whisky and other spirits. The store was opened in May 2011 by three spirits enthusiasts (including the… read more

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  • Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength - A Genuine Tradition

    By dbk on 30th Oct 20112011-10-30T02:45:00


    Few distilleries merit the term ‘traditional’ these days. Appealing to tradition has become a pervasive scheme by which large beverage conglomerates market their brands, but it glosses over a great deal… read more

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