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  • Dailuaine 16 Year old - The Fireside Companion

    By dbk on 3rd Aug 20112011-08-03T22:46:00


    Dailuaine is a Speyside distillery, and a large one at that. The first distillery to ever bear the now ubiquitous pagoda roof, it is capable of pumping out over three million litres yearly, but only a … read more

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  • Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Old Fashioned Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey Bottled in Bond - The Old Fashioned Way

    By dbk on 1st Aug 20112011-08-01T02:11:00


    Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. was a principal player in the history of American whiskey. He became invested in Old Crow—the first great sour mash bourbon—in 1860, and eventually assumed partial ownership of… read more

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  • Arran Single Cask Nº 1486 for LCBO - A Marriage of Malt and Sherry

    By dbk on 21st Jun 20112011-06-21T03:09:00


    By Scotch whisky standards, Isle of Arran Distillers is a young operation: it was founded in 1993, began production in 1995, and it will be a long while before we see a Gordon and MacPhail ‘Generations’… read more

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  • Four Roses - Small Batch - A Refined Offering

    By dbk on 15th Jun 20112011-06-15T02:52:00


    Four Roses has a long and storied reputation, albeit one that was sullied for a time when, under the ownership of Seagrams, Four Roses only sold blended whiskey—straight whiskey blended with young whiskey… read more

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  • Blanton's Special Reserve - Single Barrel Bourbon 101

    By dbk on 2nd Jun 20112011-06-02T02:21:00


    Blanton’s was the first brand of single barrel bourbon ever released. Produced at the Buffalo Trace distillery and originally developed by the great Elmer T. Lee (whose eponymous line of single barrel … read more

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