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GlannArMor wrote:

Thank you Torojima.I hope you will enjoy this Glann ar Mor which is actually the latest botlling.

22 August 2011 17:08

Torojima wrote:

Just got a Taol Esa - 2 an Gwech 11 brought back by a friend from his travel to Brittany. Looking forward to open it and have a dram. Will postpone it to the next weekend when I have the time to sit down and enjoy it to the fullest :)

21 August 2011 17:56

GlannArMor wrote:

Hi to all,

We have just released a new Cask Strength KORNOG, "Sant Ivy 2011". Saint Yves or Sant Ivy is the emblematic saint of Brittany, in the same manner as Saint-Patrick for Ireland, and is honoured every year on May the 19Th since his canonization in 1347. For this occasion we specially bottled this KORNOG as a Single Cask. The first fill Bourbon barrel delivered 249 bottles @ 57,8% which are available at our Pen Lan Visitor Centre (http://bit.ly/dIl4bZ), at a few selected retailers in Brittany and at www.tregorwhisky.com.

A fortnight before this KORNOG, we had bottled another Single Cask, the Glann ar Mor "1an Gwech 11", also from a first fill Bourbon barrel which delivered 336 bottles @ 46%.



18 May 2011 11:37

GlannArMor wrote:

Wishing a very Happy and Successful 2011 Year to all our friends on WhiskyConnosr !

02 January 2011 10:29

GlannArMor wrote:

After a very busy week including some "night labelling", we have just released three new bottling : a Kornog from Bourbon barrels, a Kornog from Sauternes casks, and a Glann ar Mor from Bourbon barrels. All being bottled @ 46%, no chill filtration nand no caramel colouring as always.

29 November 2010 08:08

Hogshead wrote:

I've been thinking of investing in a bottle of Kornog and this is making that investment a little more likely.

28 October 2010 14:58

monty wrote:

That's fantastic news and very well deserved from what I hear!

28 October 2010 14:55

GlannArMor wrote:

We have just learned that the Kornog Taouarc'h Kentan has officially received a "Liquid Gold Award" in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2011, with a rating of 94.5 out of 100. Not bad for a single cask that is merely 3 years and 4 months old we like to think. The "Taouarc'h Kentan" is unfortunately sold out, but the latest "Taouarc'h Eilvet 10" which is also a Cask Strength Single Cask is still available, at least for the moment although probably not for very long.

28 October 2010 14:40


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    Glann ar Mor is a familly owned artisan distillery, facing the seaside on the Northern coast of Brittany in a wild and beautiful setting.

    With its double live flame distillation (yes, for the wash still "and" the spirit still), its pair of small onion shaped stills, its worm tubs, its wooden washbacks, and in being easily "The Slowest Distiller in the West", Glann ar Mor is really different and simply unique amongst whisky distilleries.

    The very mild climate, never cold in winter but never really hot in summer, oceanic and humid thanks to our seaside location (see http://bit.ly/9ZKXm3), is the other key ingredient which contributes to the unique profile we aim at for our whiskies.

    At the moment our first casks are bottled at only just over 3 years, but already show surprising complexity and balance. For instance, the very first bottling of Kornog won a Silver Medal at the 2009 "Malt Maniacs Awards", with a score of 87 which compares very favourably with some of the most famous Islay whiskies.

    Location: Pleubian, Brittany, France

    Favourite whisky(s): Glann ar Mor and Kornog !

    Website: http://www.glannarmor.com

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