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Favourite whisky(s): Ardbeg, Glendronach, Highland Park, Buffalo Trace

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    • Nikka from the Barrel - Japanese gem

      By Jason0142 on 6th Dec 20132013-12-06T13:20:00


      This is a Japanese whisky that's been on the local liquor store for a year now. A good whisky buddy 6 months ago picked it up and has been nagging me ever since to just buy it. Got the last bottle and … read more

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    • Ardbeg Ardbog - Soft Smoke Ardbeg

      By Jason0142 on 3rd Dec 20132013-12-03T11:27:00


      A review for Ardbegs 2013 official special edition. Thankfully I was able to find one before they sold out. Nose: Oily, tar and coal smoke notes, a saltiness carried on a sea breeze, maybe a hint of … read more

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    • Bernheim Original - Smooth wheat

      By Jason0142 on 1st Dec 20132013-12-01T11:23:00


      As far as I know this is the only wheat whisky made in America. Distinct from a wheated bourbon. Nose: Sweet spices of cinnamon, cooked vanilla, some toasted notes of oak, a slight light custard crea… read more

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    • Glengoyne 18yo - Light Sherry Delight

      By Jason0142 on 21st May 20132013-05-21T13:31:00


      Got this bottle as a birthday gift and from what I've read it's to replace the 17yo bottling from glengoyne. I've never had the 17yo but from my experience with this little gem i want to get my hands on… read more

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    • Knob Creek 9 Year old - Candy Bourbon

      By Jason0142 on 10th Apr 20132013-04-10T05:38:00


      Made as part of Jim Beams small batch range which I've greatly enjoyed so far. Hopefully this is as good as the Bookers and the Bakers bourbon. Nose: Has nice overtones of spice layered with large s… read more

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