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Wills wrote:

Just randomly discovered that we both have 61 bottles in the cabinet and we both wrote 11 reviews at the moment. I will change this soon, but had to share this funfact :D Hope to read some reviews by you too mate!

And thx for connosr, the best whisky community in my eyes. (wtf why am I the first to leave a comment here?)


20 June 2013 19:57

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  • Ardbeg Alligator - Alligator rater

    By Piero on 18th Jun 20112011-06-18T10:36:00


    Nose: on first approach I’m greeted by distinct notes of ripe cherries buoyed by a wisp of milkiness (akin to the breath of a baby after feeding). The nose develops with background hints of resin and … read more

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  • Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year old - The hit factory?

    By Piero on 17th Jun 20112011-06-17T01:21:00


    There are very few whiskies that I actively dislike. Certainly I prefer some to others, and I'm indifferent to many, but I seldom take an active dislike to a bottling. It seems to me that most whisky made… read more

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  • Greenore 18 year old - Banana custard!

    By Piero on 24th Jan 20112011-01-24T11:17:00


    This upcoming release from Cooley is the oldest grain whiskey they have released to date. I bench-marked it against the 8 year old. Nose: I usually find grain whiskey, even when it's quite tasty, to be… read more

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  • The John Walker - King of the Blues?

    By Piero on 14th Dec 20102010-12-14T17:29:00


    This is the ultra premium expression from the Blue Label range. Only 330 bottles are available from the current batch. Nose: Starting on light smoke with a slightly mossy - vaguely metallic - note it … read more

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  • Penderyn Peated - Hey sugar sugar

    By Piero on 24th Jul 20102010-07-24T21:08:00


    Nose: peat of course but quite sweet and accompanied by something musty. It's like a hint of sweaty sock - not dissimilar to the smell you get with some parma ham. Interesting but I can't make up my mind… read more

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