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Wills wrote:

Welcome back! Where have you been mate?

04 July 2013 21:22

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    • Ardbeg Corryvreckan - Brilliantly balanced but hard-edged

      By WTC on 12th Apr 20112011-04-12T18:24:00


      The Corryvreckan is in our Islay tasting pack. Tony says: "I am a big fan of Ardbeg, especially the releases of whisky made under the new ownership. In my opinion this is a bit like the uigeadail, in… read more

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    • Kilchoman Winter 2010 Release - Assertive Peat

      By WTC on 11th Apr 20112011-04-11T21:46:00


      The winter release is in our new Islay tasting, and we were all impressed by it. I tasted it head to head against the spring 2010 and thought the winter 2010 much better. Will report back from the fes… read more

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    • Redbreast 12 Year old - sweet and sour apples

      By WTC on 19th Feb 20112011-02-19T11:24:00


      Redbreast is a pure potstill whisky, meaning it is made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and is distilled in a potstill. It is in our new grains tasting. Dominic says "After three gentle runs… read more

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    • Greenore 8 Year old - Intriguing and enjoyable

      By WTC on 19th Feb 20112011-02-19T11:20:00


      This is in our new grains tasting. Greenore is a small town in Ireland, and the Greenore range of Irish whiskies is made in the nearby Cooley distillery. It is an Irish single grain, and Greenore is made… read more

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    • Bernheim Original - the flip side of bourbon?

      By WTC on 19th Feb 20112011-02-19T11:15:00


      This is in our grains tasting. Wheat whiskey is made in the same way as bourbon, but the wheat content must account for at least 51% of the grist. Wheat is not a particularly common ingredient in bourbon,… read more

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