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Wills wrote:

Welcome back! Where have you been mate?

04 July 2013 21:22

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    • Mellow Corn - A big, soft, shapeless cushion

      By WTC on 19th Feb 20112011-02-19T10:31:00


      this is in our Grains tasting. Due to the abundance of Corn in the US, American whiskey was traditionally made with a high corn content. By definition, corn whiskey must be made of at least 81% corn… read more

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    • Sazerac Rye - Irresistible dark chocolate cherry

      By WTC on 18th Feb 20112011-02-18T20:45:00


      This is in our new Grains tasting and is one of our favorites Dom says "A delight from start to finish. This is a great example of American rye, spicy but not in the slightest bit sharp, acerbic or a… read more

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    • Laphroaig Quarter Cask - long and Laphroaigy

      By WTC on 21st Jan 20112011-01-21T21:45:00


      Dom says "Laphroaig at it's best but without a scary price tag. Nose: Classic Islay. The same acerbic nip which you get from the smouldering remains of last night's fire, the faint tanginess of sea salt… read more

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    • Laphroaig Cask Strength 10 Year old - Both salty and sweet

      By WTC on 21st Jan 20112011-01-21T21:35:00


      This is the 2010 Batch 02, not sure if 2011 will bring a batch 03. Michelles says "Pulls no punches, a real Islay heavy weight. Full-on petrol, peat, oily, sweet, rich, deep and full. Kicks butt in the… read more

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    • Linkwood 12 Year old - A good session whisky

      By WTC on 24th Dec 20102010-12-24T19:25:00


      Its a classic speyside and a good example of the type. Nose: "Floral, apple blossom, pantry spices, fruit sherbet and traces of treacle.", "Light, apples, pears, gentle spices, calvados, hint of citrus,… read more

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