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Wills wrote:

Welcome back! Where have you been mate?

04 July 2013 21:22

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    • Bladnoch 8 year old "beltie" - serious fruit

      By WTC on 24th Dec 20102010-12-24T19:15:00


      Bladnoch do a beltie (bourbon casks) and a sheep label (sherry casks) and both cask strength and normal strength of their whisky produced since restarting production. We have the 8 year old cask strength… read more

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    • Glenrothes Select Reserve - Grapefruit summer delights

      By WTC on 16th Dec 20102010-12-16T21:41:00


      This classic Speyside distillery is one of Scotland's biggest but only a small proportion is bottled as a single malt. Releases bear a date rather than an age statement and the distillery produces two … read more

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    • Connemara Turf Mor - Irish version of Compass Box?

      By WTC on 14th Dec 20102010-12-14T21:44:00


      Cooley has set its bar high in the past. Watch out, it’s just raised the bar again. The company is rapidly turning in to the Irish version of Compass Box – and praise doesn’t come any higher than that. … read more

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    • English Whisky Chapter 10 Sherry Cask - full and rich sherry

      By WTC on 14th Dec 20102010-12-14T21:41:00


      A sherried St George’s? An Anglo-Spanish delight or a Euro disaster? Sherry lovers we know really rate this, one of our club members thought this one of the best whiskies on offer at the recent Whisky … read more

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    • Glenlivet 15 Year old French Oak Finish - playful kittens

      By WTC on 14th Dec 20102010-12-14T18:19:00


      This is an outstanding expression, all zippy spice from some virgin French oak, and scattergun oak and malt, like a couple of playful kittens tumbling over each other. This whisky is in our Get Wood t… read more

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