110 year old Whisky is salvaged from shipwreck

14 March 2009

A bottle of whisky which lay undisturbed inside a shipwreck for more than 110 years has been salvaged by divers off the West coast of Scotland.

Entombed in the wreck

The bottle, entombed inside the 'Firth of Cromarty' since in August 1898, was en route to Australia when the ship sank in stormy conditions at Corsewall Point near Rhinns of Galloway.

The discovery sparked a flurry of enquiries from excited collectors, however, the bottle has been donated to the Stranraer Museum and will feature in their collection.

Stranger than fiction

In December 2008 a bottle of Ballantine Scotch whisky - salvaged from the ill-fated SS Politician - sold for more than £2000 ($4000) at auction. The ship who's wreckage inspired the film, Whisky Galore, ran aground in 1941 prompting local Islanders to plunder the remaining cargo.

Experts say it may be one of fewer than 20 bottles still in existence.

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