Aberfeldy 12 Year old

Vanilla, cereal and honey

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22nd Nov 2014

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 19
  • Finish: 17
  • Balance: 19

The average score for this whisky is 79.

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Tasting Notes by thewhiskydoctor

I was recently given a selection of 3cl samples from a well known online whisky retailer, which is a great way to try a variety of different malts on a budget. Having said that, I know that some whiskies I found slightly disappointing at first tasting have since become some of my favourites, and therefore I usually wait until working my way through most of a bottle before posting a review. For me, that is the slight disadvantage of samples, so these reviews are based on first impression. Anyway, there is the disclaimer, on with the review!

Nose - Vanilla, runny honey, soft grain, barley, hint of oranges, slightly floral, grassy, heather and a hint of lavender, honeyed oats and flapjack, sticky caramel.

Palate - Vanilla essence and sweet vanilla pods on arrival, hints of caramel and butterscotch, quite sweet, barley sugar and then becomes drying in the development with hay, and a hint of mint.

Finish - Short and mildly sweet, vanilla and gentle toasted oak, hints of cinnamon towards the end, a return of mint, something slightly beery, like real ale.

Lots of vanilla in this one, a particularly appetising nose with all the honey and cereal, the palate is a little more drying and quite short in the development and the finish. All in all a decent entry level malt, lacks a little in complexity but very pleasant drinking.

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