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Tasting notes by SimeonSanchez on 12th Apr 2014
Orgasm In A Bottle 96/100

Tasting notes by AndyC on 27th Feb 2014
batch 45 93/100

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Orgasm In A Bottle

    By SimeonSanchez on 12th Apr 20142014-04-12T23:30:00


    It has a rich, ruddy, Bourbon-like color. The nose is extremely pleasant: strawberry, dried fruit and caramelized citrus. There is no trace of peat. Without water, it hits the tongue like a mallet of… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - batch 45

    By AndyC on 27th Feb 20142014-02-27T00:03:00


    BOOM! For me, this is a whisky that makes you smile and say 'ah, this is how whisky should be'. Not subtle, but full of flavour and warmth, and lovely to drink with only a reasonably little splash of … read more

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  • Aberlour 12 Year old Double Cask Matured - Good sherry

    By vrudy6 on 23rd Feb 20142014-02-23T15:55:00


    When I first opened it there was a over-ripen grapes flavor that was a bit overwhelming. It also contained strong bourbon notes. Over time ( at about 2/3 of the bottle), it settled and a velvety vanilla,… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - A'bunadh batch 46

    By Sancho on 22nd Feb 20142014-02-22T15:05:00


    Aberlour has set the bar pretty high over the last few years and the A'bunadh is a great example of what this distillery can do. This particular batch is one of the best I've come across. On the nose I… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch 46 - Oh dear, this is bad.

    By Misty on 20th Dec 20132013-12-20T09:16:00


    Aberlour A'bunadh batch 46 (cask strength (60.4% ABV)). Oh dear, this is not good. Nose: Kind of confused sherrybourbonvanilla influence. Nothing like Batch 45. Some menthol maybe? Palate: Similar to… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch 45 - Sherry Bilss!

    By Misty on 20th Dec 20132013-12-20T09:01:00


    Rarely do I write reviews, but after watching markjedi's whiskey ramblings, I just felt inspired to contribute. Aberlour A'bunadh batch 45 (cask strength (60.2% ABV)) is truly a stunning dram, especially… read more

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  • Aberlour 12 Year old Double Cask Matured - Average malt

    By masterj on 19th Dec 20132013-12-19T23:35:00


    Nose: Very much sherry driven with honey & grape intermingling. Vanilla oak, you get a rancio note in here as well. The barely can be distinguished from it all surprisingly. Lastly, there is some tang… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch # 45

    By Jules on 14th Nov 20132013-11-14T10:22:00


    My first taste of a cask-strength Scotch - and what a taste it is! After having tasted various Glenfarclas', Macallans and GlenDronachs I decided I wanted the full (sherry)monty, so to speak ... and it… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - batch 44

    By Aulay on 12th Nov 20132013-11-12T00:59:00


    Well bodied and thick Sherried Malt. Cask strength. Lovely thick malty tastes of grapes, Dates, and figs with a faint wisp of baked apples and cinnamon. Deliciously complex and a terrific after dinner … read more

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  • Aberlour 10 Year old - Nice but.....not complex

    By mrandall691978 on 9th Nov 20132013-11-09T21:49:00


    This 10 year entry level from Aberlour is decent but not complex. It's very pleasant though good for a newbie but also when you not in the mood for anything too full on... Nose raisin apples hit of v… read more

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