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Tasting notes by Uisgebetha on 15th Sep 2015
Sumptuous 90/100

Tasting notes by Pete1969 on 31st Jul 2015
First single malt 86/100

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Sumptuous

    By Uisgebetha on 15th Sep 20152015-09-15T07:59:00


    Batch 25 The medicinal bottle looks too small to contain 700ml, especially as it comes in such a large box. The colour however is far more reassuring, a dark enriched copper, burnt sienna perhaps. … read more

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  • Aberlour 10 Year old - First single malt

    By Pete1969 on 31st Jul 20152015-07-31T07:24:00


    After reading a few reviews recommending this as a starter whisky took the plunge and bought a bottle instead of my usual bourbons. Poor blends were the norm in my house when growing up and the smell … read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - A'bunadh batches 46 and 49 H2H

    By Robert99 on 8th Jul 20152015-07-08T07:27:00


    I will not go through an whole description of A'bunadh as there is a lot of reviews available. I will compare the batches 46 and 49 not by giving there common aspects but by exposing there differences. … read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - A'Bunadh Batch 50

    By tjb on 18th May 20152015-05-18T21:46:00


    Matured exclusively in spanish oloroso cask between 5 - 25 years this is a classic drop. Since 97 Aberlour have been releasing batches of this each with their own unique profiles. A staple amongst many… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch 46

    By Volks on 26th Apr 20152015-04-26T06:31:00


    For many years this has been the best bang for buck whisky money could buy. In fact, for about 5 years it was my next whisky to buy. Finally i did. Nose: boiled sweets, burnt sugar, light toffee, loads… read more

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  • Aberlour 12 Year old Double Cask Matured - Decent intro. No more, no less...

    By hunggar on 23rd Mar 20152015-03-23T11:30:00


    Here’s a popular one. Everyone knows Aberlour for their sherry. The A’bunadh is, for good reason, considered their pièce de résistance. But for the longest time I didn’t explore anything else from their… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Chocolate. Fruits. Espresso

    By vrudy6 on 15th Mar 20152015-03-15T04:55:00


    This bottle is from batch 47. It was a gift from my wife way back on Valentines day, and now it's when I feel like doing a review for this. I recently did a review of the Four Roses Small Batch, but I've… read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch # 39

    By Victor on 9th Mar 20152015-03-09T16:41:00


    The reviewed bottle has been open for 2 1/2 years, and is 40% full. I have been sampling from it from the time of its opening Nose: sherry wine grape and dark fruit flavours, lots of vanilla, lots of … read more

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  • Aberlour A'bunadh Batch No. 49 - More A'bunadh

    By talexander on 26th Feb 20152015-02-26T23:45:00


    The colour is a deep reddish bronze (pretty identical to the 47). On the nose, damp tobacco leaves, plums, rum-raisin, old leather, Christmas cake. Some papaya as well. Light molasses and cloves. More … read more

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  • Aberlour 10 Year old - Aberlour for Breakfast

    By Fairbairn on 23rd Jan 20152015-01-23T18:07:00


    On nasal review I was immediately surprised at not being stung in the nose, rather after three takes I had to pause and reorient for some minutes and retake three takes again to understand what I was … read more

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