Aberlour 10 Year old

Aberlour for Breakfast

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23rd Jan 2015

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  • Nose: 24
  • Taste: 22
  • Finish: 21
  • Balance: 21

The average score for this whisky is 81.

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Tasting Notes by Fairbairn

On nasal review I was immediately surprised at not being stung in the nose, rather after three takes I had to pause and reorient for some minutes and retake three takes again to understand what I was smelling; is this what the experts call 'peat'?

The harshness of the smell which does lie underneath is significantly subdued by what I suppose is a strong peaty odour, I know the whisky is hiding under there but this bog is keeping some secrets!

Taking a drink, swishing and swallowing I feel like a nordic reindeer eating lichen off a rock. The impact is like licking a cold stone, with the added sensations of consuming brittle feathery moss.. well not exactly but close. In the mouth and throat it's managed to slip past security into the stomach and the aftertaste makes me question whether I have just ingested a shot of whisky or if it was an elaborate hoax..

Following up for the review I took another mouthful and then nonchalantly started eating some breakfast pancakes. (Don't judge me) After pancake #1 I took another mouthful of Aberlour and upon reaching my stomach it confronted me about what I was doing.

I was like, "Relax Aberlour it's pancakes" and Aberlour pondered for a moment. I burped. Then she was like, "Yeah okay. I like pancakes."

I helped Aberlour along cause she seemed pretty cool with pancakes after all.

Whoa whoa as much as you'd like to turn this into a sick joke, remember- just because she's 10 years old doesn't mean you can't enjoy a normal breakfast with her like she's your daughter; I mean, sure now we're anthropomorphizing alcoholic beverages and winking when we mention their ages, but they're not human females. I know you folks like to wait until she's 18 but you're missing out on the bonding experiences with a .. okay it's ruined I can't finish the review now!


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BlueNote wrote:

I've never thought of Aberlour 10 as peaty. I believe it is sherry casked, but by no means a peated whisky. Interesting review.

24 January 2015 06:31

Fairbairn wrote:

BlueNote: I'm new at reviewing, and I haven't tried many of the greater whiskies out there yet - I'm not sure what peat is supposed to taste like so for now I like to stay away from common buzzwords in my reviews and just be honest about what I thought of the whiskies.

24 January 2015 13:19

Anxyous wrote:

Fairbairn: You might try an Islay whisky - Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig and so on. You'll never be in doubt again.

Thanks for the review, it's a nice read.

25 January 2015 18:58

BlueNote wrote:

Fairbairn, Anxyous is right, that should probably be your next stop on the whisky quest. If you find the Islays a bit too much, you could get a nice introduction to peat with Talisker 10 or with a peated Speyside malt such as Benriach Curiositas. Both are reasonably priced--even in Canada. Enjoy the voyage of discovery.

25 January 2015 20:14

Fairbairn wrote:

Yep, my next bottle is a Laphroaig Quarter Cask, 48%. :)

26 January 2015 16:05

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