Aberlour 10 Year old

First single malt

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31st Jul 2015

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Tasting Notes by Pete1969

After reading a few reviews recommending this as a starter whisky took the plunge and bought a bottle instead of my usual bourbons. Poor blends were the norm in my house when growing up and the smell still makes me feel ill when I smell them so stayed away from scotch.

Smell: sweet fruit and hint of spice, the sherry cask has worked some magic on the distillate who knew scotch could smell this good.

Palate: slightly cloying on the tongue with no real sense of spice, one drop of water and 5 minutes and the spice is released with a warming peppery tingle dancing across my tongue balanced the sweet too perfection.

Finish is a little short and there is a bit of a raw edge to the spirit neat but the drop of water removes this.

I don't normally add water to bourbon up to 101 proof but read a review suggesting it for this whisky to get more spice and I am glad I did. I hope I have not peaked too early as I enjoyed this immensely, so much so went and bought batch 50 A'bunadh.


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BigJoe wrote:

@Pete1969 How did you find this whisky experience compared to the bourbons? Has that bottle of A'bunadh been tampered with yet?

31 July 2015 09:23

Pete1969 wrote:

Totally different flavour profile but very enjoyable, the A'bunadh will be staying in its bottle for a little bit. I had some colleagues over this week for a tasting session they don't really drink bourbon but have tried a certain Whiskey. Ended up sampling 3 JD products, Gentleman Jack, single barrel and Silver Select then took them on a trip through the good stuff. Line up as follows Buffalo trace, WT101 8 yr, Woodford reserve, FR sm batch, Blanton's Original, FR 1B, WT rare breed 54.1 and finished with Blanton's SFTB 65.45 ABV. So I have a few open bottles too get through yet before the A'bunadh, by the way even though the JD was from their top end all 3 placed in bottom 3 places with Blanton's original first with the 2 four roses close behind. The SFTB Blanton's was a bit closed and will no doubt benefit from a few weeks airtime, it did open a bit with some water (took it down to around 120 proof) and is undoubtably a quality drink which I am going to enjoy over the coming months.

31 July 2015 10:02

Benancio wrote:

@Pete1969 Nice review, sounds just about right. I use to buy this all the time when it was available in the US. They replaced it with the Aberlour 12Y in the US, I much prefer the Aberlour 10y. I think its has a better sherry balance and nice little spice to it. Nice first choice for a scotch.

Don't worry, you didn't peak too early. You just started down the rabbit hole, have fun, hold on its a heck of a journey.

31 July 2015 14:56

Robert99 wrote:

@Pete1969 Very good review! I hope many will follow. You are in for a big experience with the A'bunadh. The difference between the 10 yo and A'bunadh is at least as big as the difference between Booker's and the regular Jim Beam products. You will find many different flavor profiles in Scotch, much more different than what you find in Bourbon (at least for me). To make another comparaison, the profiles of Ardbeg 10 is as diffenrent to Aberlour 10 as Old Potrero 18th century style is from Blanton Original. SO be ready for a fun trip.

31 July 2015 15:32

Pete1969 wrote:

Thanks for the advice guys not sure I am ready for the peated styles yet, think I have a bit of a sweet tooth so probably be looking for another speysider sherry cask got my eye on a Farclas 15 but wife is none too happy with how much I have spent since January. Good job she doesn't know the real amount :) Now was it the red or the blue tablet?

01 August 2015 05:55

Benancio wrote:

@Pete1969 Sneaking bottles into the house, past the wife and hiding them is a whole other thread on Whisky Connosr. Some of the guys are pretty sly but most wife are smarter, I know mine is.

01 August 2015 15:07

paddockjudge wrote:

Sneaking new whiskies past the wife. http://www.connosr.com/wall/discussion/28382/sneaking-new-whiskies-past-the-wife/

@Benancio, the key is to get well past two hundred bottles in the Strategic Whiskey Stock Pile and the High Command will no longer get involved with Supply Chain Logistics... lol

01 August 2015 15:19

BigJoe wrote:

@paddockjudge, I like how you describe the situation, almost had M laughing out loud

01 August 2015 21:09

Pete1969 wrote:

Got caught myself last week, she never goes into garage for anything so had A'Bunadh stashed in box at back waiting right moment to transfer into house. Decided she needed some gadget she hadn't used for 3 years never guess what she found first. Typical.

03 August 2015 13:15

OlJas wrote:

Pete1969, an efficient strategy for such situations is just hide the bottle directly in the dog house.

04 August 2015 02:44

paddockjudge wrote:

Brilliant strategy @OlJas! The Dog House Manouver. Too f_ _ _ ing funny!

04 August 2015 02:50

Nozinan wrote:

It better be a really good batch if it's worth causing strife with the wife...

04 August 2015 02:53

paddockjudge wrote:

@BigJoe, it gets funnier with additional comments.

04 August 2015 03:00

Pete1969 wrote:

I have used the I will work some overtime sidestep little does she realise I will be rewarding myself with another bottle for the 4 extra days this month. Just hope she doesn't find that one, she defo wears the trousers.

04 August 2015 11:06

kfhene wrote:

This is hilarious. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one sneaking the occasional bottle into the house and into a stash spot like a squirrel hiding a nut!

05 August 2015 03:47

Pete1969 wrote:

So decided to get a first Japanese whisky with overtime Yamazaki Distillers reserve NAS banked in depths of cupboard behind winter bedding hope we don't have a cold spell before I can get it into my whisky stash unnoticed. On a plus note wife has bought me a Nadurra for our anniversary next month.

10 August 2015 14:32

paddockjudge wrote:

@Pete1969, NADURRA? The 16 YO is magic, but the Oloroso edition is nothing short of a tragic...just a quick heads up.

10 August 2015 15:28

Pete1969 wrote:

Thanks for the heads up paddock judge been checking a lot of different reviews and already noted the poor ratings for oloroso, got 0614C 55.2abv 16 year old will be opening 09/09/15 for a wee dram. Was a toss up between Nadurra and Nectar D'or but offer on at local supermarket 10% off for loyalty card holders also 10% cash back from bank for shopping there until 15th of month wife ended up paying £38.50 for bottle Nadurra no brainer.

10 August 2015 15:59

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