Aberlour A'bunadh Batch No. 39

A'nother A'bunadh

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23rd Jan 2016

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  • Nose: 23
  • Taste: 24
  • Finish: 23
  • Balance: 24

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Tasting Notes by talexander

I found myself with an older batch of the wonderful a'bunadh, this one being batch 39. Let's do a side-by-side with batch 49 (which I had scored a 91 about 11 months ago). The 39 is a freshly opened bottle.

The colour is a dark reddish copper. On the nose, damp tobacco, rum-raisin, medium dark chocolate, blood orange, black cherry, cloves and apple-cinnamon. Water brings out malt, wet grass and more cinnamon. Beautiful sherry casks here. Classic a'bunadh.

The nose is reflected by the palate, with deep rich sherry notes, more cloves, bitter tobacco leaves and big alcohol heat. A hint of black liquorice. Rich, spicy and full of character. Water makes it even spicier but tames the alcohol (it becomes maltier as well - bringing the beauty of the spirt forward from the cask). Again - a classic.

The finish is dry and long with cayenne, wood smoke, more black cherry and strong baking spices (think Angostura bitters). This is one of the best a'bunadhs I've ever had - almost flawless (the nose could be a bit more powerful, and the finish is just a touch too spicy). Still, this is incredible. Jim Murray also scores this a 94, for once he's spot on. And compared to the 49 (which is 60.1%)? The 49 is a hair darker, has a slightly flatter nose but the palate is just as much of a wow (maybe a bit more malt and less bitter). I'd still give it a 91 or thereabouts. But c'mon, they're both amazing!


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A'bunadh Batch No. 39







Nozinan wrote:

WOW! And to think you offered to let me try it in December and I didn't take you up on it...didn't want you to open it just for me. I never got a bottle of the 39 and now I am beginning to feel a touch (just a touch, mind you) of envy...

23 January 2016 03:22

talexander wrote:

Well, my friend, you are not that far away from me....and I have 1 bottle minus a dram left. So lots to share!

23 January 2016 04:30

Alexsweden wrote:

Big score for a big whisky. Well deserved I am sure!

23 January 2016 17:46

Frost wrote:

Interesting review, this is the batch I've got at home. I recall choosing it over the Batch 40 and 41 on the shelf at the time.

01 February 2016 08:27

Nozinan wrote:

From what I've read (I haven't tried any of 39-41) you probably got the best of the three

01 February 2016 15:29

talexander wrote:

Yes, I picked it up as I had read up on this particular batch - it did not disappoint!

01 February 2016 15:30

Nozinan wrote:

I was talking to @frost


01 February 2016 22:20

talexander wrote:

Ha - of course!

02 February 2016 02:32

Frost wrote:

@Nozinan I got lucky, my purchase at the time was from the in print Whisky Bible at the time. Which is "Funny" as I seldom turn to it before making a purchase anymore.

03 February 2016 10:28

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