Ardbeg Blasda

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20th Feb 2016

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Tasting Notes by Pierre_W

Ardbeg Blasda was released in 2008 and is different from other Ardbeg expressions for a number of reasons. Firstly, at 8ppm it is lesser-peated; secondly, it is chill-filtered whereas other expressions are not; and thirdly, the ABV of 40% is the lowest of all Ardbeg releases. In Gaelic, “Blasda” means “sweet and delicious”.

The nose starts with distinct milk and porridge flavours, then turns fruity with notes of lemons, vanilla, apples and a hint of pineapple. Smoke is quite prominent, much more than I would have expected given the low ppm level.

The palate is light-bodied, clean and just a tad spicy. There is not much smoke there now, but the fruity flavours are back – this time lemons, peaches, vanilla – followed by a hint of nuts.

The finish is of medium length, spicy and pleasantly warming. The lemon flavours make another appearance, together with smoke and pepper and followed by notes of coffee.

I was looking forward to the Blasda experience and indeed this was interesting to taste, however in the end it did not really work for me. The nose was pleasant but in my opinion the palate is too light and tasted almost a bit diluted. Clearly, Ardbeg Blasda is not my first choice for lightly-peated single malts.


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Pandemonium wrote:

Had a drop of Blasda after a glass of Corryvreckan at the distillery, to me it tasted like a liquid twinky.

20 February 2016 18:44

MrFathom wrote:

An Arbeg at 40% and chill-filtered sounds like an oxymoron. Personally enjoyed the Perpetuum didn't buy a bottle, but left a good impression. I hear the next one Ardbeg is releasing will be called Dark Cove. Hope it is good one and released at reasonable price especially if no age is stated. The Uigeadail Is like if a peat wave hit me.

21 February 2016 03:42

MrFathom wrote:

"Ardbeg" my bad. My spelling sheeeesh!!!!!!

21 February 2016 03:45

Pierre_W wrote:

@Pandemonium, you might have a point there. The Corryvreckan would be a tough act to follow for any lightly peated single malt, but then Blasda really is a bit watery.

21 February 2016 06:11

Pierre_W wrote:

Thanks for your comment, @MrFathom. I have high hopes for Dark Cove as it apparently will have been exclusively matured in ex-sherry casks. That's the good stuff right there! Let's see how it will compare with Uigeadail. Perpetuum was disappointing but still I bought two bottles. Slainte!

21 February 2016 06:14

OlJas wrote:

@Pierre_W, why two if it was disappointing?

22 February 2016 10:53

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