Arran Lepanto PX Brandy Cask Finish

A powerful dream

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30th Oct 2009

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Tasting Notes by TheMue

Wow, what a fantastic powerful malt. In 2006 Array bottled a limited edition of the Lepanto PX brandy cask finish. Mine is the bottle 462 of 759. It is cask strength with 61.3% alcohol, matured for many years in a sherry cask and got its finish in a Lepanto PX brandy cask.

The nose pleases with notes of toffee, apples, and mint chocolate. But it also contains a strong note of spiritus, so take care. smile The body is very warm and round, a bit spicy, but by far softer than expected after the intense alcohol in the nose.

The palate is long, very long. It's powerful, what's no surprise for a malt with more than 60%. Once again the savourer gets notes of chocolate and spices, but no smoke and no peat. Altogether the Array Lepanto PX Brandy Cask is a real powerful dream. On the one side warm and soft like a Speyside, but extreme powerful like usual for an Islay.


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