Fettercairn 24 Year Old 1990 Malts of Scotland


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27th Oct 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

I have very little experience with Fettercairn. This is only my 7th so far. It is also the second by Malts of Scotland. I remember the first well – a 22 Year Old from 1990 on a bourbon cask – and found it quite nice. This is also a distillate from 1990, but matured for two years longer on a sherry cask. I am curious.

The nose is sweet and fruity, with a grainy backbone. Think citrus, apple, a hint of green banana and a surprising amount of sultanas. Dried pineapple too. Maybe even candied. Caramel becomes butterscotch and it also sports a touch of anise. Loads of grasses after a few moments. Very pleasant on the nose.

Great body and immediately piquant. Next to the fruit I now also get some earth and ferns. This is good. It remains sweet, but a sour edge as if from orange peel emerges. It is somewhat zesty. Nice wood spices. That wood remains under controle and does not turn this Fettercairn dry at all.

In the long, warm finish the sherry cask puts its foot down once more with a surge of sweetness. It lingers for a very long time.

This is probably the best Fettercairn I have had so far (but then, it was only preceded by 6). It will cost you 130 EUR, but that is fair for a 24 Year Old at cask strength, I would say.

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24 Year Old 1990 Malts of Scotland





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