Ballantines 17 Year Old

They don't make 'm like this no mor

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13th Sep 2014

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Okay, let me start by saying that this is quite old stuff. It was bottled in 1972 and is minimum 17 years old, so this golden auldie contains whisky distilled in the Fifties of last century. Liquid history, so to speak. They don't make 'm like this no more. Let us try it at once.

The nose is quite expressive on all kinds of fruit, mostly citrus, with hints of leather and white chocolate. It has a nice aroma of nuts. Think hazelnuts and almonds. A touch of silver polish. A delicate trace of smoke develops that really excites. Halfway through some grain cookies with caramel join. Or is that the batter of pancakes? Anyway, a very pleasant nose indeed.

It arrives very soft and creamy on the palate, on honey and toffee. Immediately a burst of alcohol follows and something that reminds me of OBE (well, it is an old bottle). The peat is now unmistakable and gives it a grand smokiness that I truly enjoy. Spices on duty are ginger and pepper, but also some licquorice. The fruit evolves towards the candied kind. Some cake.

The medium long finish allows the smoke and spices more time in the spotlight and ends with a reprise of the white chocolate at the death.

Indeed, they do not make them like this no more. More complex than current versions and very quaffable. Thanks, Jeroen!

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