Ballantines Finest

A long lasting friend.

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16th Feb 2012

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Tasting Notes by Eirikur

I bought this bottle about 2 years ago and I have been sipping it along with various malts. At first I thought this was absolut crap. Still there was something about it (probably the minty feeling) and I kept on with it. My favourite (cheap) blend is the Ballantines 12 yo .. it deliveres a very harmonious blend of robust and smoky blend (Teachers is too unconsistant to be in the flock .. but if it were consistent, it would be highly regarded)). I always have this blend at hand .... Whilst having the time to think it through (with no snobbism intact) my mind tells me that this whisky is a very well crafted blend. As a Whisky man I must say that I secretly enjoy it .. I dont know what it is .. but I just admire this blend, the technique, Its marvellousy. I know it is cheap. I know there is alot of grain in there ... but - if there was a one grain blend I would take to the moon ........ this would be it.

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JohnnyNorfolk wrote:

I think this is one of the best whiskys in its class.

09 September 2013 14:41

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