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10th Jan 2011

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The color of this whisky is a little lighter in the glass than it looks in the bottle. I usually prefer a darker color, because it puts me in the mind of "hearty" or "full-flavored". But the color is not unpleasant. It has a nice, mostly clear but slightly opaque look. Light reflects and filters nicely through the glass.

The nose I will have to say is a little on the alcohol side. I don't detect a lot of sweet overtones. There's absolutely no "ga-heuh". It's a light aroma like the name.

The initial onset is somewhat alcohol as well. The flavor is again light, mostly on the front part of the tongue, palette and lips. Allowing the first to evaporate almost without swallowing. One can feel the air drift up to the front part of the nose. Not overly sweet or sour. Very smooth and very light.

Little "ga-heuh" on the big drink, but nice. Not very sweet, but a nice, airy, almond sort of a taste. Again, remains on the front part of the mouth and palette. Spread out rapidly, almost but not quite explosive.

Some skin sensation in the forearms, but nothing in the shoulders, as it spreads over the body.

The finish remains nicely for a minutes afterwards, finally feeling a little action in the wharton's duct, but still mostly in the front of the mouth.

The ultimate finish is in the upper palette. Still a bit of almond, but no sweet. No sour either.

This was rated in the high 80's, and one supposes that for the price range this is true. Certainly none of the complexity of a scotch or high end blended whisky, but for the price a very unobtrusive and transparent induldgence.


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Canadian Gold Very Light




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