Benrinnes 15 Year old

Bonfire night

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13th Feb 2015

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 19
  • Finish: 18
  • Balance: 19

The average score for this whisky is 83.

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Tasting Notes by Uisgebetha

This whisky is a dark reddish hue giving away its sherry cask maturation. The aroma does nothing to dissuade you from this with sherry and espresso coffee very much in evidence but with more than a faint whiff of sulphur. I should add that my scoring of this whisky has varied wildly depending how sensitive I am to that sulphur at the time. Suffice to say the kind of smells you get close to a fireworks display from the propellant and sulphur are integrated into this malt.

The palate is rich with acrid smoke and sulphur but its not enough to overwhelm some balancing contributions of spice and coffee flavours delivered with toffee like sweetness. The finish is long and gets increasingly bitter sweet. The acrid smoke and sulphur is the lasting impression.

If you can stand a bit of sulphur this is enjoyable enough, but don’t sample anything else afterwards, you won’t taste a thing.

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Old Sauternes



Victor wrote:

Sounds like more than a 'bit' of sulphur. Too bad. Another decent whisky ruined.

@Uisgebeatha, thanks for your review.

13 February 2015 16:08

Uisgebetha wrote:

Your probably right Victor, I don't think I'm that sensitive to sulphur, although I try to avoid purchasing brands/editions known to be contaminated.

17 February 2015 08:33

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