Benrinnes Stronachie 10 by AD Rattray

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27th Feb 2015

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  • Nose: 22
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 21

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Tasting Notes by MaltActivist

I was on a bit of a shopping spree when I came across this funny sounding whisky. What's a Stronachie? I asked my self. Never heard of it. Tried to do a bit of research but there was precious little.

After much digging I managed to unearth some facts. Independent bottlers AD Rattray wanted to re-create spirit from a closed distillery and decided to go with Stronachie, a Highland distillery closed sometime in 1904.

However, rather than actually create a unique spirit (like how Richard Paterson did for the Mackinlay or how The Lost Distillery Company does with it's Stratheden, Gerston and Auchnagie) AD Rattray figured that the spirit over at Benrinnes Distillery was the closest to what Stronachie would have tasted like.

So, in essence, this is simply a 10 year old Benrinnes bottled by AD Rattray under the Stronachi name.

Oh, well.

My sample is from a brand new bottle and served at 43%

Nose: Citrus. Malt butter. Pineapple. Touch of dough. Hint of oak. Custard. Chocolate. Floral. It's quite fresh. Delicate. Lingers. Some turmeric. Gets more malty with water. More floral. Some musk. Black salt.

Palate: Quite thin prickly delivery. White pepper. Citrus. Custard apple. Pears. Fruity. Becomes slightly bitter mid-palate. Oak. Bourbon. Chocolate. Herbs. Vanilla. Mellows with some water. The spices fade.

Finish: Long. Lingering. Some spice. Oak. Citrus.

This one is quite understated. No real fireworks here. Wasn't sure what to expect. One dimensional at best. Not entirely bad. Great value for money, though.

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Stronachie 10 by AD Rattray






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