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24th Jan 2016

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Tasting Notes by ZackB

Despite it's being overshadowed by the Islay heavyweights of Ardbeg, Laphroaig, & Lagavulin I think this whisky does a fine job of being just what it claims to be. If you're wanting to try Islay, but aren't sure if peat is for you, this is an affordable introduction. And, if you are peat head, but can't afford the prices of the Islay rock stars Bowmore can get you through the rough patch comfortably.


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Nozinan wrote:

Tempest is 22 dollars more than this one in Ontario. LCBO actually wants you to pay $60. I think the difference in price is minimal compared to the difference in quality. As a quality over quantity person I would rather drink less of something good, less often, than any of this, ever.

I scored this a 71. Batch variation? Perhaps. I would choose to drink tap water before a dram of this. Even if my only other choice of beverage were Lambertus, I would dehydrate before drinking this.

24 January 2016 03:23

ZackB wrote:

I can certainly understand your point of view, given those context. However I do personally find this to be a quite enjoyable whisky. Locally (Being the Central Savannah River Area) it's about $40-45 a bottle. I've not found Tempest available locally, so am unable to compare.

27 January 2016 03:13

Nozinan wrote:

Ahh the irony - you have the good prices (mind you after exchange not so different) and we have the variety priced out of affordability...

27 January 2016 05:39

OlJas wrote:

I only had Bowmore 12 once, at a public tasting of various whiskies, and I found it pretty weak and watery. I'd be happy to try it again but I'm very unlikely to ever buy one.

27 January 2016 17:37

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