Bowmore 1989 16 Year old Bourbon Cask

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27th Jul 2013

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Tasting Notes by Onibubba

16 year cask strength packaged in a nice presentation box. States that this is a limited 1989 edition made up of 134 mostly bourbon casks, married and bottled. Picked this up for just shy of 80.00 and that seemed fair. I have only seen this at one store in Louisville KY, and they had several bottles. I am down to my final drams, so this seemed like a good time to write down my thoughts. Apples and light all spice. Peat influence that reminds me of Longrow CV and CB Flaming Heart, which I have previously described as mezcal-like. This stays in the background here, however, and plays nicely with the sweet apples. I am reminded of cinnamon apple oatmeal. Maybe even a touch of maple. Finally vanilla comes out. OK, ready to taste. Big swish. Tart apples. Smoke. Medicinal. Dental numbing gel (if you've had it, you know). Alcohol stays in check. Never burns. Not mouth drying at all. 45 seconds later, a medicinal somewhat peaty haze remains on the sides of the tongue and the top of the throat. Does not finish sweet.

This was an enjoyable bottle. I may well purchase again, and I will certainly look at exploring other expressions in the Bowmore line. And really, isn't that what a good whisky should inspire you to do?


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