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6th May 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

In 1995, the Glen Garioch distillery was closed and offered up for sale, but Suntory got a change of heart and after an investement of around £700.000 reopened it after two years. Since then, she has been in production without interruption. That is why 1997 is considered a milestone and explains the name of this expression: The Renaissance.

The nose is surprisingly sweet and sour. On the one hand I get some nuts, sweet malt and a hint of oranges, upholstered with some cocoa and cold coffee; on the other hand it has a weird sour side that I can only describe as uncooked cauliflower in iodine. Something raw and medicinal. But it does work – quite well in fact. This is a very inviting nose.

It is mouthcoating and creamy and immediately very sweet. Oranges, roses, lemongrass, mint and baked apples, sprinkled with some cocoa. I have a hard time recognizing the nose here. Not that this is a must, mind you. But it always surprises me when nose and palate are so very different. Intriguing. Mild tannins make it somewhat dry towards the end.

The finish is quite long on Seville oranges, cloves and pepper. It also offers something minty.

Good stuff. Around 70 EUR, which I will gladly pay to put this baby in my cabinet.

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Kolis1 wrote:

Hey Mark correction on the whisky details St. Magdalene for distillery? Glen Garioch wishes they were. Love your Vlogs

12 August 2015 22:16

markjedi1 wrote:

Hi Kolis1, I'm not sure I understand what you mean... It says Glen Garioch, does it not?

13 August 2015 11:58

Kolis1 wrote:

When I read you initial review I could have sworn that I saw 'St Mag.' under distillery/Brand. My sincere apologies sir. On the subject, would love to see your thoughts on a St. Magdalene someday. Being a Lowland fan I'm sure your analysis of the spirit will be spot on. Cheers

14 August 2015 01:08

markjedi1 wrote:

Hi Kolis1, if you visit you'll find I have reviewed 5 St Mag so far. Enjoy!

14 August 2015 06:44

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