Bunnahabhain Bn4 Elements of Islay

Frankenweenie from Islay

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28th May 2013

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  • Nose: 21
  • Taste: 22
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 21

Tasting Notes by Rantavahti

Elements of Islay Bn4, a dark and sweet character made from the collections of Bunnahabhain. I only had a chance to take few tastes of this on a road trip to Taivaanranta distillery in Finland. So I'm not the best judge.

Because I want to write about each SIGNIFICANT WHISKY tasting, this one counts as well, though my sightings might not be the most accurate ones. Elements of Islay Bn4 tasting was made in a minibus, in a hurry, so I'll keep the review just as short.

In my opinion Elements of Islay Bn4 followed the nice path of un-peaty Islay by Bunnahabhain. It was sweet and robust like a lovable Disney character in the middle of Mordor.

That's why I decided to call it Elsa Van Helsing, the gothic girl from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

Nose: Sweet, earthly and floral.

Taste: Rough and oily dram with hints of brown sugar and wood. I think I spotted hints of sweet peat as well.

Finish: Quite long and robust. There's oil quite a bit but not in a disturbing way, suits well with the earthly and spicy character.

Balance: Seemed nicely in balance, exciting combination of dark, earthly and sweet flavors.


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Bn4 Elements of Islay






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