Bunnahabhain Darach Ur Batch 1

A curious experiment

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12th Jun 2011

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  • Nose: 17
  • Taste: 15
  • Finish: 14
  • Balance: 16

The average score for this whisky is 81.

Tasting Notes by scribe

"Darach Ur", means new oak. This bottling from Bunnahabhain is aged in fresh - unused - American oak casks. I picked up a litre bottle from Duty Free, which was its original outlet point only.

Nose: The peat comes across as a smokey, damp peat - fungi and wet woods. The oak comes through with a fruity coca-cola thing going on, and everything comes together to remind me of a caramel-soaked version of the polished floor we used to sit on for Monday morning school assemblies. It's different and intriguing rather than unpleasant, but let's see where it goes.

Body: Dry like raisins and licquorice, the oak comes through with that cola feel to it still. Hold it in the mouth and let it burn a bit, and it seems to fizz and crackle. Some of the damp grass notes from the nose surround the raisins/licquorice.

Finish: The same slightly bitter oaky-raisinness carries on through and lingers a while, leaving one to go back for more without too much surprise or expectation. The Darach Ur, it must be said, feels like more of a blend for the intrigued. It has a certain Islay-bitter-sweet-shop charm, which will appeal hugely to some and not at all to others.

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AboutChoice wrote:

@scribe, I enjoyed reading your creative review. I'd really love to try some of this, with the hope that I would very much like it ... sounds very unique, and alluringly risky as well. Sounds like a candidate for a club tasting session :)

12 June 2011 15:57

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