Bunnahabhain Mòine

Drinking with the captain

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1st Dec 2015

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 19
  • Finish: 18
  • Balance: 18

Tasting Notes by Alexsweden

Bunnahabhain Mòine is, to my understanding, a "Sweden exclusive" NAS Bottling from the Islay distillery. Much like the Highland Park Cask strength. The scottish seem to have taken a liking to Sweden, I do not object at all.

The Mòine is bottled at 46.3% ABV. It's natural colour and un-chill filtered. It is very pale in the glass and that is something that i appreciate given the habit of many distillers to colour the whisky nowadays. 46.3% is surely marketing.. It is not cask strength and if it was age wouldn't have taken that much of in 3-6 years. Still it's a good hearty strength and it keeps the whisky from being underpowered.


Freshly poured it gives off a fresh, almost minty peat smoke. Something I would call slightly medicinal. Fishermans friend lozenge. Also peat and damp soil. Bright! As time passes it leans more to smoke and charred wood. The progression is rather interesting and after about 10-15 minutes in the glass it becomes more meaty with notes of ash and chorizo. It also opens up a bit on the sweetness introducing smoked vanilla, grass and pears.


The palate is quite similar to the nose. More of that fresh peppermint lozenge, smoked vanilla, chorizo and pears. Quite a bit of ash too.


Sweet and sour. Salty, perhaps a hint of sweet Conference pear. A piece of spongecake intermingling with the smoke. Ashtray. The finish isn't entirely clear, things get a bit muddled.

All in all a enjoyable dram thats easy on the wallet at 35EUR.

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OlJas wrote:

The description sounds pretty tasty. What kept the score down in Average Land?

And 46.3% seems to be the "trademark ABV" of all the Burn Stewart malts these days, much like Talisker's 45.8%. That's all fine to me, as long as it's not 40%!

01 December 2015 22:46

Alexsweden wrote:

Honestly, the score surprised me too! I guess that it got a little low because of the relative simplicity of flavors and also that it is dominated to much by the ashy smoke.

It is good, well worth the price but nothing spectacular

02 December 2015 05:44

OlJas wrote:

Ah, so do you come up with a score based on a formula or something? Is 75 something other than your overall feeling of how much you liked it?

02 December 2015 06:56

Alexsweden wrote:

No formula, I just assess how I feel about it. I do like it, not love it, and I think it is affordably priced. However when I was thinking about the scores here's where I ended up.

02 December 2015 10:34

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