Bushmills Black Bush

dont drink this at home

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5th Dec 2015

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Tasting Notes by Erlend

This Black Bush is decieving. It is bad. It turns you into an alcoholic. It is sherried and it is soft. Tooo soft. I compared it to the 50percent more expencive Auchentoshan three wood, and this was roughly the same quality. The problem is that I get drunk. I want to drink more and more and at this point I feel that the alcohol is doing someting whit me. Its the third time i poored this into my glass and I am filling it with a lot more than 5 centilitres.

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Erlend wrote:

I was wrong. I thought that this dram was an inexpensive alternative to fine Scottish malt. It turns out ton be expencive, because I drink to much.

05 December 2015 17:50

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