Bushmills Original

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18th Jun 2012

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Tasting Notes by Jahjehwa

I'm new to whiskey (new to sitting down and sipping and enjoying it , that is) and so this review is from a newcomers point of view.

I do smell some vanilla and caramel maybe some citrus notes as well. The taste is somewhat sweet not harsh and smooth enough to move around the mouth and enjoy a variety of flavors. A bit spicy at the finish but smooth and warm going down. I could sit and drink a few of these but it leaves me wanting something a little better.

I enjoy it for its value and getting into drinking whiskey and probably will purchase again (price) but I'll be looking elsewhere next time.


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Cunundrum wrote:

Sorry ABV was 40 not 43. Damn that first bottle was tasty for the price!

24 October 2015 19:41

Cunundrum wrote:

As Elvis Costello sings, "accidents will happen." Thanks to Bowmore for getting it right (by accident?). Ha! Maybe so. I used to love your whisky in the early 2000s. Higher offerings used to be really good. I tasted an old malt cask bottled in 2000 at a friends house last winter. It blew me away. Fantastic stuff. Made me long for the good ole days when this distillery shone like a beacon of quality and brilliance

24 October 2015 19:45

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