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Tasting notes by talexander on 16th Dec 2014
Battle of the Ryes: US vs. Canada 2 89/100

Tasting notes by JasonHambrey on 28th Oct 2014
Richly Woody and Fruity 87/100

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  • Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye - Battle of the Ryes: US vs. Canada 2

    By talexander on 16th Dec 20142014-12-16T00:18:00


    The Canuck rye going head-to-head with Bulleit is the new Canadian Club. It is called "Chairman's Select" but I have no idea who this mystery Chairman is, nor if he is qualified to select anything. Unlike… read more

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  • Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye - Richly Woody and Fruity

    By JasonHambrey on 28th Oct 20142014-10-28T22:53:00


    This whisky, though it is Canadian Club, is not actually distilled at the Hiram Walker plant in Windsor (like the rest of the Canadian Club line) – it is actually distilled and bottled in Alberta, from… read more

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  • Canadian Club 100% RYE - Call Me Dusty

    By paddockjudge on 7th Oct 20142014-10-07T01:37:00


    A brilliant offering from Canadian Club. This one is a game changer, an extremely smooth and mature 100% single grain rye expression - sweet yet not cloying. Dry and smooth and dusty. Hints of maple sugar… read more

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  • Canadian Club Classic Aged 12 Years (bott. 1974) - 12 Minis! - Part IV

    By talexander on 29th Aug 20142014-08-29T23:51:00


    Here's a real treat - a mini of Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old from 1974! I love the old Canadian whiskies - they tend to be more rye forward, with more complexity and less overt caramel. I've tasted… read more

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  • Canadian Club 20 Year Old - Remind anyone else of a rum?

    By JasonHambrey on 7th Aug 20142014-08-07T01:11:00


    This whisky is a "limited" release, which really means that it is produced in batches as it is a pretty regular offering from CC. It's the same recipe as the standard "Canadian Club", but it is just in… read more

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  • Canadian Club Sherry Cask - Batch C12-047

    By JasonHambrey on 4th Aug 20142014-08-04T22:21:00


    This whisky comes in at 41.3%, a bit higher than the standard Canadian 40%. It is aged about 6 years, then finished for 2 years in Spanish Sherry Casks. As with all Canadian Club whiskies, it is "Barrel… read more

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  • Canadian Club Classic 12 Year old - Small Batch batch C12-054

    By JasonHambrey on 2nd Aug 20142014-08-02T23:07:00


    This whisky, at times, seems to be quite hit and miss. Some people really seem to like it, and some don't seem to care for it much at all. Recently rebranded to try to give more information and attract… read more

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  • Canadian Club Reserve (9 Year Old) - Canadian Club Reserve

    By JasonHambrey on 28th Jul 20142014-07-28T14:10:00


    Rating whisky is hard work, both in defining how to assign a grade to the overall whisky (which usually consists of defining subcomponents of the score and weighting them) and, as reviews start, bench… read more

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  • Canadian Club - Canadian Club Premium

    By JasonHambrey on 27th Jul 20142014-07-27T05:59:00


    This is the Canadian version of the standard bottling - I believe the US "Canadian Club" is a bit different. Intriguing whisky - a bit earthy, dank, spicy, and floral on both the nose and the palate, with… read more

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  • Canadian Club Classic 12 Year old - Rye bomb

    By Frost on 5th Jul 20142014-07-05T08:14:00


    My first introduction to Canadian Club was the standard expression. I found it to be rather sweet. Cooling my heels for a few years I spotted the lovely decanter styled bottle of the 12 year and decided… read more

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