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16th Jul 2012

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 22
  • Finish: 21
  • Balance: 21

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Tasting Notes by Victor

Clan MacGregor is a three year old blended Scotch produced by Alexander MacGregor & Co., Glasgow.

Body: smooth

Nose: malt, cut grass, peat, floral scents of carnation, lemon citrus, and a hint of brine. The elements are all pleasant and a little understated, compared to the delivery

Taste: strong sweet peat and sweet malt flavours hit you right away. This is sweeter in the mouth than in the nose. Brine and wine show themselves next, followed by a return of the grassy/malty theme. Robust. Plenty of flavour here. Quite good. For me this is more of an expression of power than of finesse

Finish: these flavours stay the course strong and long. The ending, after a good long time, is a combination of strong peat, strong malt, some wine and some brine

Balance: this is a well put-together blend, with plenty of flavour and good balance. This is an inexpensive 'standard' blend which I enjoy having in my cabinet


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Clan MacGregor


Clan MacGregor







plattvillepeat wrote:

Impressive for a bottom-shelfer!

23 October 2012 23:09

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