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Great whisky and value. Lovely!

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5th Oct 2010

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Tasting Notes by galg

Nose: Vanilla and lots of spice going on, just fitting for its name : Cinnamon,Ginger,a sweet tasted oak nose, with a punch.

Palate: Spicy mama heaven. Cinnamon and ginger deliver the spicy blast, assisted by butter and wee milk chocolate notes as well to complete the very enjoyable package.

Finish : Long, spices and cocoa, wood and cinnamon.

bottom line:

This little dram delivers big time. Immensely drinkable, lovable and spicy, with the sweetness and the cocoa finish. toasted oak done right. i don't know about the first generation, but this one is definitely a winner. A great dram for a good price (~$55). John Glaser, you did again. Magic.

You can also read Jason’s excellent review of this one at the guid scotch drink blog. It seems we’re in accordance when it comes to this one.

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AboutChoice wrote:

Hmmm... a holiday dram ... sounds like it would pair well with pumpkin ale, or even pie ! I do wonder how the distillers generate those spicy flavors ... anyone know ? Anyway @galg, thanks for revealing this one ... would really like to try it !

05 October 2010 15:33

galg wrote:

@AboutChoice this is not a secret : read all about it in my blog post :

05 October 2010 15:44

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