Compass Box The Spice Tree

Spice Islands Getaway

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6th Jun 2013

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Tasting Notes by FormerlyRigmorole

Well, I tried another bottle of this whisky and it came through quite well. I am exceedingly pleased with it. The one I drank at a pub last month obviously was suffering from cork spoilage, which does happen from time to time.

Nose: Allspice; fresh mountain air; vanilla bean; and a slightly bourbonesque overtone that reminds me ironically Aberlour 18, which I very much like. (I say ironic because Aberlour smells a bit like bourbon but is not, of course.)

Palate: High quality caramel; cashews; white pepper; Trader Joes thick graham crackers; nice luxurious mouth feel.

Finish: Cinnamon; oak; cloves; pleasant tingle; very nice lingering flavors with exotic "Spice Island" overtones.

This whisky is priced right for what you get. I'm keeping an open bottle in my cabinet as a way to treat myself every now and then.

And, yes, women like this whisky. My wife actually poured herself a few ounces, which is rare. The last time she did that was when I had a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle's 20 Year. Yes, Spice Tree is definitely "chick friendly" but that doesn't make it whimpy.

I know it sounds weird, but this whisky seems "wholesome" to me. Can't say as I've ever called whisky "wholesome" before.

I only wish I could buy holiday gift-sized bottles of The Spice Tree. I would gladly give it to my coworkers and friends as gifts before Christmas break.

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sengjc wrote:

Nice review. The Compass Box brand is releasing many quality offerings. I have tried the Peat Monster, Oak Cross and the Spice Tree (Inaugural Release) and they have been very enjoyable. Currently in the middle of a bottle of Hedonism.

07 June 2013 13:53

Lifewaterforce wrote:

Great review of a great blend, have made way through half of my current bottle, and i am preparing a review for later and i agree with many of your notes, and would add that i very much get what you mean by wholesome. My girlfriend loves laphroaig and the peaty stuff in general, so ill make a further test of this blends "chick-friendliness" on her ;)

14 October 2013 15:42

MCM wrote:

Hey I just came across your review.

On your issue of cork spoilage: My bottle has also suffered a bit of cork spoilage. My theory on the subject is that the bottle is so tall that it is often stored on its side. My bottle (and the other Compass Box bottles) I found at the liquor store were being stored on their sides because they wouldn't fit on the shelf upright. Just an FYI.

Anyway, a 'cracking dram' nonetheless.

17 January 2014 04:27

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