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Tasting notes by bourbondrinker on 23rd Jan 2015
Young Spice... 93/100

Tasting notes by AndrewWAnderson on 26th Dec 2011
A new way to rye 85/100

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Copper Fox Rye Whisky whisky reviews (4)

Average rating 8.5/10

  • Copper Fox Rye Whisky - Young Spice...

    By bourbondrinker on 23rd Jan 20152015-01-23T22:46:00


    Never had a whisky this young before, yummy!Dark copper colour, forming thick oily legs. Winey hay smell...reminds me of sugared strawberies soaked in brandy and diped in fresh cream!Ends with a firey … read more

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  • Copper Fox Rye Whisky - A new way to rye

    By AndrewWAnderson on 26th Dec 20112011-12-26T20:17:00


    This particular Copper Fox Rye (Bottled after 14 months) has a good dose of fruit and a healthy dose of leather to the nose. Spicy yet smoother than I would have imagined given the nose. A great deal… read more

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  • Copper Fox Rye Whisky - Experimental Fruit

    By joshk on 12th Jul 20112011-07-12T01:39:00


    Copper Fox is a micro-distillery based in Virginia, USA. In addition to rye they also make a single malt called Wasmund's. The bottle has a label that's designed with hand written copy and since they are… read more

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  • Copper Fox Rye Whisky - A Different Kind of Rye

    By Victor on 17th Feb 20112011-02-17T23:24:00


    Copper Fox Rye Whisky is made at Rick Wasmund's Copper Fox distillery in Sperryville, Virginia. The Copper Fox Rye is made from a mashbill of 2/3rds Virginia rye and 1/3 hand-malted barley which has been… read more

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