Cragganmore 12 Year old

A dram for those that love to nose

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12th Jun 2011

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Tasting Notes by Crys

Bottling Date: L1

Colour: Gold/Straw

Nose: Very pleasant and complex nose. It smells just like Christmas. You'll be hit with Christmas pudding, fruit cake, gingerbread and spice aromas. It truly is a whisky you could nose for hours.

Palate/Finish: A sweet entry, which goes slightly dry and leaves you with a mild peat finish. It's exceptionally smooth, with no bite or prickle at all. It's easy to see why this single malt is such a hit amongst master blenders.

However, as a single malt its downfall lies in the taste and finish. They're so thin and underwhelming after the amazing nosing experience. You can't help but imagine how wonderful this whisky would be if it was bottled at 46% or more to give it a fuller body and slightly longer finish.

There's no denying this is a gem of a delicate speysider. But it's like discovering you've won the the lottery (nosing) then being disappointed to find out you have to share your prize amongst 20 other winners when you go to collect your winnings (taste/finish). You're grateful that you've won, but it would've been even better to get it all.


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Pale Straw



linusstick wrote:

Man...I'm drinking this now and as I re-read your description you are dead on. The thin mouth feel and quick finish are not expected after that great aroma. A delightful light dram for the warmer months

07 November 2011 01:58

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