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Tasting notes by JasonHambrey on 15th Jan 2015
A lot of cognac here 87/100

Tasting notes by JasonHambrey on 6th Dec 2014
Easy to drink 89/100

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  • Crown Royal Cask No. 16 - A lot of cognac here

    By JasonHambrey on 15th Jan 20152015-01-15T15:19:00


    This whisky is blended from over 50 different whiskies, and is then finished in cognac casks from the limousin forest - which is french oak - a style which brings out more spiciness, dried fruit, and … read more

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  • Crown Royal Monarch - Easy to drink

    By JasonHambrey on 6th Dec 20142014-12-06T22:03:00


    Crown Royal started out of a blend created in 1939 for the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. We are now 75 years from that point, and this limited bottling was produced to commemorate the 75th… read more

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  • Crown Royal XO - the french oak does come through

    By JasonHambrey on 17th Nov 20142014-11-17T02:09:00


    This whisky was introduced last year, and Crafted from over 50 whiskies, finished in cognac casks. It basically replaces Cask no. 16, which is still to be found in Canada but is going out of production… read more

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  • Crown Royal - Re-teaching the taste buds

    By GotOak91 on 9th Nov 20142014-11-09T20:19:00


    Hola Ladies and Gentlemen as its been awhile. In order to get back into things I've decided to start a little easier. Incoming Crown Royal Original ( Classic Purple Bag). Forgive me if my notes may or may… read more

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  • Crown Royal - Decent and unpretentious...

    By hunggar on 2nd Sep 20142014-09-02T16:23:00


    There’s only one distributor that I know of that sells Crown Royal in Taiwan. Being Canadian, this stuff is hardly new to me. But I haven’t tasted it in years, so I was keen to retry it my now that my … read more

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  • Crown Royal - Crown Royal Deluxe

    By JasonHambrey on 19th Jul 20142014-07-19T17:32:00


    Canada's number 1 whisky leads with a nose full of bourbon nuances, stewed fruit, and caramelized oak. A bit sour and bitter, at times, unfortunately. On the taste, there is lots of corn influence with… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Crown Royal Black

    By JasonHambrey on 14th Jul 20142014-07-14T17:29:00


    Described on the bottle as "robust, full-bodied" - it is, relative to regular offerings - but not more than some of the big and spicy ryes or bourbons. Fruity, with bourbon notes and gooseberries on the… read more

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  • Crown Royal Reserve - Crown Royal Reserve

    By JasonHambrey on 12th Jul 20142014-07-12T17:16:00


    The first time I had this whisky, I thought it was only so-so. However, in recent and longer tastings, I was blown away at the fantastic rich creaminess of this whisky, as well as the complexity. Caramel,… read more

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  • Crown Royal Limited Edition - Crown Royal Limited Edition

    By JasonHambrey on 3rd Jul 20142014-07-03T02:49:00


    The whisky is very light, yet surprisingly sharp. I find it's often one that I use to introduce friends to whisky, and it does pretty well because of its approachability. It still retains some signature… read more

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  • Crown Royal - Acer pseudoplatanus

    By Frost on 7th May 20142014-05-07T12:11:00


    Bourbon fanatic or Scotch zealot, you eventually grow curious of whisk(e)y from other regions. About a year ago I became interested to try some Canadian whiskey. I'd already tried the entry level Canadian… read more

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