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Tasting notes by Megawatt on 15th Feb 2014
Classic Canadian 76/100

Tasting notes by Victor on 10th Dec 2013
Even a Blind Hog... 87/100

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  • Crown Royal Reserve - Classic Canadian

    By Megawatt on 15th Feb 20142014-02-15T21:40:00


    Nose: sweet, fresh oak. Butterscotch. Wet stone. The aromas are tightly knit and it takes some coaxing to get them out of the glass. Very nice but a little too "closed". Taste: medium-bodied and w… read more

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  • Crown Royal - Even a Blind Hog...

    By Victor on 10th Dec 20132013-12-10T21:48:00


    getsets an acorn once in a while." Also Sprach my father once to his sightless boss. Fortunately he was on very good terms with his boss at the time Usually I find minis to be at least a bit suspect for… read more

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  • Crown Royal Limited Edition - Rich and luxurious...

    By hunggar on 4th Dec 20132013-12-04T18:01:00


    Whenever I have friends or family flying in from elsewhere, I usually ask them to bring in a bottle of something “exotic.” If there’s time, I do some research and ask them for a particular bottle that … read more

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  • Crown Royal Maple Finished - My Last Flavoured Canadian, I Think

    By talexander on 27th Oct 20132013-10-27T15:26:00


    I could be wrong, but I think this is the last of all the Canadian flavoured whiskies that I've tried. I don't know if the sales on this one are as big as they were with their last mass-marketed release… read more

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  • Crown Royal Maple - Maple

    By TTREXXX on 17th May 20132013-05-17T22:02:00


    Crown royal maple..on the rocks or neat...also in black coffee taste like cream and sugar

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  • Crown Royal Limited Edition (1975) - A Bunch Of Canucks - Part VI

    By talexander on 20th Apr 20132013-04-20T23:33:00


    Now comes something quite unique, from a sample courtesy of @paddockjudge. Crown Royal Limited Edition is one of the few Canadian whiskies that is only available in Canada, so it is something we can truly… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Crown Royal Bourbon I Mean Black

    By GBrough on 22nd Mar 20132013-03-22T09:49:00


    Tonight I was in the mood for Bernheim, or russels reserve but a mate was sick and I didn't want to foot the bill he has an income I don't. So I went to foodmaxx and after much browsing and only finding… read more

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  • Crown Royal Maple Finished - Crown Royal Too Maple

    By GBrough on 28th Feb 20132013-02-28T22:21:00


    Crown Royal Maple sounded like a match made in heaven till i tried it. On the nose this whisky has strong maple with a slight amount of vanilla, caramel, and some oak. On the palate i was very upset, … read more

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  • Crown Royal Limited Edition - Dark Toast

    By markjedi1 on 23rd Dec 20122012-12-23T10:10:00


    More than 90% of what is produced at Gimly goes to the production of Crown Royal. The other 10% serves as flavouring whisky for other brands from the same stable, such as Canadian 83, Five Star and V.O… read more

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  • Crown Royal - Dried Banana

    By markjedi1 on 23rd Dec 20122012-12-23T10:10:00


    Around 1875 the first settlers from Iceland founded the city of Gimly on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg. Today, it is still a small community of around 6000 souls. A little away from the fishing … read more

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