Crown Royal Black

Canadian Whisky

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Tasting notes by JasonHambrey on 14th Jul 2014
Crown Royal Black 83/100

Tasting notes by GBrough on 22nd Mar 2013
Crown Royal Bourbon I Mean Black 79/100

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Crown Royal Black whisky reviews (9)

Average rating 7.7/10

  • Crown Royal Black - Crown Royal Black

    By JasonHambrey on 14th Jul 20142014-07-14T17:29:00


    Described on the bottle as "robust, full-bodied" - it is, relative to regular offerings - but not more than some of the big and spicy ryes or bourbons. Fruity, with bourbon notes and gooseberries on the… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Crown Royal Bourbon I Mean Black

    By GBrough on 22nd Mar 20132013-03-22T09:49:00


    Tonight I was in the mood for Bernheim, or russels reserve but a mate was sick and I didn't want to foot the bill he has an income I don't. So I went to foodmaxx and after much browsing and only finding… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Back In Black

    By talexander on 22nd Oct 20122012-10-22T00:59:00


    Apparently, Crown Royal Black was the most successful new spirit launch of 2010 in the US, and I recall seeing signage with Big Boi of Outkast as its spokesperson - so obviously, this was a huge initi… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Worthy

    By cheeserandyburg on 28th Sep 20122012-09-28T12:33:00


    I'll be honest, the one thing that drew me to pick this one up was the dark, caramel colour. I like the look of a dark, DARK whisky. It's always been more appealing to the eye (IMHO). Not sure how much… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Rum-Like

    By GotOak91 on 3rd Sep 20122012-09-03T06:34:00


    Well I forgot this gem in my cabinet and Id have to say its a bit of a shame that I forgot it so I decided to give it justice here we go. Nose: It has nose like a well aged rum kind of delicious actually… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Worth the extra cash

    By bricktop86 on 4th May 20122012-05-04T06:25:00


    Better than regular crown. A little sweeter and rougher

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  • Crown Royal Black - Not Quite There Yet Canada

    By kjarsit on 30th Dec 20112011-12-30T21:25:00


    Tried it neat first and was not impressed. I’m a huge bourbon fan so it takes a lot to impress me. Poured over ice improves the taste immensely. A fair whiskey, but the original is better neat. In my … read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Looks like Coke, tastes like...

    By Megawatt on 18th Sep 20112011-09-18T22:29:00


    I suppose the upstanding folks at Diageo expect us to attribute the dark colour of Crown Royal Black to the charred casks it is aged in. Notice they don't come right out and say it, but simply imply the… read more

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  • Crown Royal Black - Decent Improvement for Crown

    By rwbenjey on 18th Dec 20102010-12-18T21:09:00


    I've had regular Crown and was pleasantly surprised by it. This is adds a few sweeter and spicy notes, perhaps evidence of ex-sherry casks. I largely prefer scotch to any other whisky, but when it comes… read more

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