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25th Feb 2016

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  • Nose: 21
  • Taste: 20
  • Finish: 20
  • Balance: 21

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Tasting Notes by Nozinan

As I’ve said before, Canadian whisky isn’t my specialty. There are a few I like, and I thank @paddockjudge for introducing me to the genre and educating me. He also provides me with samples (like this one) so that I don’t have to fill my cabinet with bottles I may not ever want to reach for, but I still get to try a variety of styles.

Today is the first time (to my knowledge) that I have tried a Crown Royal product. This was the second one I tried after reviewing Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

Nose: Immediate fruit blast which fades quickly, rye spice, a baking spice – the smell of Granny Smith apples when my mother cuts them and mixes them with cinnamon and sugar (and a little lemon juice?) and is about to put them into a pie crust. Later light honey or syrup. 21/25 a drop or two of water brings the cinnamon out a little but not much else.

Taste: First sip is mild, fruity, sweet. A touch of spice that grows with subsequent sips. Pleasant but unremarkable 20/ 25
Water makes it a touch sweeter.

Finish is sweet with a citrus aftertaste but short. On exhaling sometimes I get a bourbon note. 20/25

Balance: although unremarkable, it’s fairly balanced: 21/25

Total Score with or without water: 82

PS: mixing this with Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye in equal proportions creates something better than the NHR and more complex than the Monarch. I am not sure I would repeat it.

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paddockjudge wrote:


Nice review. Your candor makes this an interesting read. That bourbon you detected is, well, bourbon, but it can't be called bourbon (Crown Royal Hand Select Barrel is a component of Monarch. Made from a 'bourbon' mash, Coffey still distilled and aged in new oak) because the country of origin is Canada.

Rye is to Canadian whisky as peat is to Scotch whisky; polarizing. ...'nuff said, I don't want to provoke a left coast diatribe.

25 February 2016 04:32

Nozinan wrote:

It never ceases to impress me how much you know about the components of Canadian whisky. Thank you for illuminating.

The score reflects my enjoyment of this. I don't doubt there are elements that my palate simply can't appreciate. Unlike the Northern Harvest Rye, there is nothing in this that I dislike, I just find it underpowered.

There are "supertasters" and there are mediocre tasters. I need big bold flavours most of the time.

27 February 2016 00:50

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