Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Dessert in a bottle

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2nd Jan 2016

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Tasting Notes by Narcism

This is my first rye so I'm looking at this with a scotch-lens which I know isn't appropriate.

The whole experience can be summarized as "sweet."

A delicious dessert hits the nose: vanilla, cherrywood, syrup and vanilla. Very inviting, very accommodating. I had high expectations from the smell.

On its first sip, the nose notes carry through but a slight smokiness is added. Despite the water added, I was still greeted with a harsh burn I didn't expect.

Nothing too noteworthy or new happens on the palate in the high notes or the low notes. The finish is fairly short, sweet and unremarkable.

Very low complexity overall. I just wish I'd been more "wowed". Isn't this supposed to be the best whiskey in the world?


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Crown Royal


Northern Harvest Rye




Pale Straw


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