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25th Jul 2013

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One would think that a very popular 12 year old scotch blend such as Dewar's would be a bargain at $30. Guess what? I paid too much because it will get slowly donated to my neighbor to mix with Coca Cola. Now I know why I never order Dewar's White Label in the Superdome watching Saint's games. No more Dewars for me! Not only does it taste like cleaning fluid, it also brings on the nightmares, which tells me that there are still impurities that lie within. And no, I will not try another bottle.


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Dewar's 12 Year Old Blend







Newkophile wrote:

Extremely unfair review IMO. OK, this is not a single malt but as blends go, Dewar's 12 is quite smooth, exhibits an enticing nose of pear, vanilla and honey and is eminently drinkable. Certainly a preferable dram after having attended a small wedding reception at someone's home this past weekend where I imbibed neat the only Scotch available, the somewhat harsh and inexplicably popular best seller, JW Black.

23 August 2013 07:17

MisterDigger wrote:

Newkophile: Thanks for reminding about this review and I wound up lowering the score to a "9" because only a few drams got both my neighbor and myself extremely ill. I wound up pouring the last 8-10 ounces down the drain. Maybe I got a very bad bottle, but I will never touch Dewars again as long as I live. Johnnie Walker is almost as bad and they have their loyal drinkers buffaloed. For good cheap blends, try Black Bottle or Ballantines. However, I am now spoiled by single malts that have NO GRAIN ALCOHOL. No telling what ruined that bottle of Dewars and I don't want to know.

24 August 2013 02:50

Newkophile wrote:

Wow a "9" as if a "30" rating wasn't horrible enough. I can only think that you must have purchased a bad bottle because while I have never tasted cleaning fluid, the bottle I own and have been drinking from does not in any way elicit that reaction from my taste buds. While any reviewer's recommendations cannot be taken strictly on faith, I note here that Dewar's 12 is one of the whiskies positively suggested in Ian Buxton's excellent book, 101 WORLD WHISKIES TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE.

24 August 2013 17:37

mct wrote:

Looks like Justerini & Brooks dodged ur bullet here, sir.

13 April 2016 06:18

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