The Black Grouse

Pleasant surprise

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25th May 2011

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

After the sale of Black Bottle (and Bunnahabhain distillery) to Burn Stewart in 2003, Edrington Group was looking for a replacement. After the success of the Famous Grouse, it was just a small step to the Black Grouse, a blend of 'regular' Famous Grouse and some peated malt.

The nose is less peaty than anticipated. The rich fruity character, with quite a bit of candied sugar, is sprinkled with beach bonfire. Nice balance, though.

This was has a lot more body than the regular Grouse. It offers a nice round and full mouthfeel with spices, dark chocolate and toffee taking center stage. Some citrus. The peat plays second fiddle. It's meant to play a supporting role and does so magnificently.

The finish is medium in length, starts off creamy and dies on citrus and smoke.

A very elegant blend that, while not earthshattering to peatfreakds, will enthrall the Black Bottle enthusiasts. A very pleasant surprise.


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CaptinTom wrote:

For me there was a overbearing taste of stale walnuts on the finish that ruined this for me.

15 February 2015 11:16

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