Braunstein Library Collection 14:1


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11th Sep 2016

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Twice a year Braunstein Distillery launches a single malt in their so-called Library Collection, one of which is a peated version. In 2014, they also released the 14:1, unpeated and matured on both sherry and cognac casks. I purchased the bottle at the distillery near Copenhagen and paid no less than 800 DKK, which translates into 110 EUR. Not cheap at all, for this is a bottle of 50cl only. The nose is round and rich on leather, tobacco and aniseed. English licorice. Then some hints of chocolate with pieces of dried fruit in it. Baked apples. Pepper, cinnamon and truckload of caramel. The influence of the cognac cask is palpable. Good fun. It is round and rich on the palate as well, with apples and spices to the fore. Mildly drying from the oak with a little bitterness. It prickles a bit, despite the modest ABV. The finish returns towards oranges and caramel with a feisty peppery death. Lovely single malt that scores most point on the nose. Strangely enough, this notes are quite different from my initial notes that I made in Denmark a month ago during my holiday, when I tried this for the first time. Could the fact that the bottle has been open for 3 weeks account for such a difference, I wonder?

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Braunstein Library Collection 14:1




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