Glen Garioch 1989 'Brandy Casket' Wemyss


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6th May 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

When you know that the independent bottler Wemyss has the tradition of naming the bottles after a tasting panel has checked the contents, I expect to discover some cognac in this aged Glen Garioch. Hmm. Let us give it a try, eh?

Yep, the name is aptly chosen. When I smell this, I am indeed reminded of cognac. Loads of apples, but also some peach and gooseberries. Add some green herbs, some vanilla, some green tea, a leaf of tobacco and some nutmeg and the picture is complete. Or almost. I could swear I get a hint of peat in the background. Might be right as Glen Garioch only stopped using peated barley in 1994. Surprisingly complex nose, but fresh and cheerful, if you know what I mean.

It has a clean body, is very clean and… yes, I can clearly taste the peat now. Very fruit from the get go as well. Nuts, peach, apples, but with a salty edge. Nicely peppery. I do get some wood, but it is far from oaky. Again some tobacco and something minty (although very discreet, I may have imagined it).

The finish is somewhat long, but slowly turns somewhat bitter and dry. At the death, it is a battle between sweet and salt.

This Glen Garioch has a lot to offer: both fruit and peat. Hence it holds the middle between modern and old Glen Garioch. I think it is great.

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Glen Garioch


1989 'Brandy Casket' Wemyss




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