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16th Jan 2013

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 19
  • Balance: 22

The average score for this whisky is 76.

Tasting Notes by ewhiskey

This Glen Garioch is fresh, crisp, creamy and sugary. A warming desert. The nose offers aromas of a refreshing mint julep and milky caramel drizzled over a red and delicious apple. The cold woodsy scent of a frozen tree branch breezes in at the end. On the palate, sugar and cinnamon jump out immediately chased by a sharp dryness. The dryness carries to the finish and through. The caramel and red and delicious come back, peel on. The bitterness of the apple's skin sits on the palate for a short to medium finish. Glen Garioch is a refreshing addition to my cabinet. I like to enjoy a dram after an outdoor sports activity.


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Glen Garioch






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hunggar wrote:

I really enjoyed this one too, it's nice to see another member of the Glencadam 10 fan club. This one is amongst my favorite highlanders. It's also one of my favorite 10 yr olds, and I think it's quite underappreciated. Keep the great reviews coming!

19 April 2014 03:47

MaltActivist wrote:

Thank you @hunggar ! I thought this one was a pleasant surprise. I had actually picked it up on a whim more than anything else. Later read that Mr Murray spoke quite highly of it.

I think it's a wonderful spirit but I feel it holding back a touch for some reason. Maybe it needs its' time out in the open?

19 April 2014 09:50

Pierre_W wrote:

Wow, what a review, tabarakRazvi! 90 points for a 10-year old, that is quite something. I remember that I enjoyed the 21-year old when I tasted it a few years back but it had not crossed my mind to go for the 10-year old. I might have to change that. Thanks!

19 April 2014 10:28

hunggar wrote:

@tabarakRazvi: Yes, I see where you're coming from. For me this one doesn't go "all the way" in any given direction. It's floral, but not TOO floral. Fruity, but not TOO fruity, and delicate, but not TOO delicate. It doesn't push the envelope too far in any given direction. In that sense, it might feel somewhat restrained. But I encourage you to be patient. This is one of those malts that I love more and more each time I revisit it. That being said, I'm a fan of your reviews and your writing style (more so than Mr. Murray), so I was delighted yo see you praise this one (almost) as highly as I did.

@Pierre_W: This one's well worth it. I recently tried the 21 yr old and its also lovely, as is the 15. But imho you'd be hard pressed to find another 10 yr old that shines quite as brightly as this one!

19 April 2014 11:14

Pierre_W wrote:

@hunggar, many thanks for your advice. Now I feel tempted to go out and get a bottle!

19 April 2014 13:19

Magnus wrote:

@tabarakRazvi, thanks for yet another intersting review. It is a sheer pleasure reading your insights. I bought a bottle of this malt 10 days ago, I have had several evening drams off this bottle and my jury is still out on this one. I sense almost all of the good stuff you have pointed out and by per se, judging the Glencadam only as a 10 Year Old from a not-so-fancy distillery, it's gorgeous, especially given its' reasonable price tag. But when I compare it to my favorites from Speyside (I know they don't fall into the same category), it falls a little bit short in the palate department. Especially after a hefty dinner. :) I will post my notes and review on this one one of these days and it will be very interesting for me, where the division lines between our impressions will fall. Cheers!

19 April 2014 15:54

MaltActivist wrote:

@hunggar Went back and saw your take on this expression. Exceptionally brilliant. Loved it! I think we're all in agreement that few noses come as sharp and crisp as this one. I felt the fruits more intense after letting it breathe for over 30 minutes. Wonder if that happened to you as well? I will re-visit this one in month or so and see how it has changed, if at all, and report back!

@Magnus look forward to your take on it. Don't forget to tag me when you do or drop me a note. Since this is a delicate malt I'm not sure how well it would do after a big dinner. Try it as your first malt of the evening - I try and avoid eating anything for a few hours before. I read that if you're hungry your nose becomes more sensitive.

@Pierre_W Have a go at this one. As @hunggar says this one shines bright!

20 April 2014 11:23

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