Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve

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1st Mar 2015

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Tasting Notes by jerryclyde

There's been quite a bit of gnashing of teeth and flights of invective regarding the number of "no age statement" whiskies being forced upon the drinking public. The diminishing of aged stock has been a growing problem for all producers for some time now, and has finally reached a point where creative blending and marketing schemes are required in order for some to remain financially solvent. Of course, NAS whiskies can be very good - even spectacular - but many are mediocre at best. The 1797 Founder's Reserve is Glen Garioch's entry into the NAS market. It is a very good whisky, and kudos must be given to the distillery for releasing it at a hefty 48%. If Glen Garioch is sparing with their old stock, they are equally sparing with the diluting water - at least they give us a drink that allows for some serious tasting.

Nose: Spicy with some upfront caramel fudge notes. Citrus and green apple emerge late.

Palate: Fairly light body. Barley sweetness haloed by tingling spices. A "nip and pinch" bitter-sweet middle, then dries slowly. Warming with nice mouth feel.

Finish: Quite long with spice predominating. Wood tannins also make an appearance. Seriously chewy!

Notes: Hwyl fawr, Stanley, old mate.


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